Who we are


Wikirate International e.V. is

the non-profit organization hosting the Wikirate platform. We develop the data system and tools the Wikirate community needs, and supports them in using the technology to help them achieve their goals.


Our Purpose

To empower and engage people and organizations from around the world to collect and develop insights on companies under a free license, and to share this knowledge globally and indiscriminately.

We come from 9 different countries and speak 7 different languages.

Abraham Taherivand+Image
Managing Director
Laureen van Breen+Image
Managing Director (on Parental Leave)
Auréliane Froehlich+Image
Project Manager
Vasiliki Gkatziaki+Image
Data Engineer
Philipp Hirche+Image
Founder and Chairman
Tom Howie+Image
Content and Communications Manager
Lucía Ixtacuy+Image
Community and Outreach Coordinator
Philipp Kühl+Image
Lead Developer
Ethan McCutchen+Image
Product Director
Marc McGowan+Image
Project Manager
Aileen Robinson+Image
Program Director
Melanie Twele+Image
UX/UI Architect
Manali Rana+Image

We are supported by a council of advisors with a wide set of skills, expertise and backgrounds.

Hapee de Groot+Image
Advisory Council Member
Anuradha Nagaraj+Image
Advisory Council Member
Farzana Nawaz+Image
Advisory Council Member
Ingo Rollwagen+Image
Advisory Council Member
Liz Umlas+Image
Advisory Council Member
Margaret G. Wachenfield+Image
Advisory Council Member
Derek Young+Image
Advisory Council Member