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Open data and open source technology are tools for getting the community involved. It enables more stakeholders to participate in sustainability discussions, which in turn drives data quality, volume, materiality, and ultimately, impact.

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Integrate research into academic curricula

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How effective are corporate modern slavery reporting laws?+Image
blog Modern Slavery

A short history of modern slavery laws and data comparisons of industries' reporting performance under U.K. and Australian laws.

Giving civil society organizations’ research the superpower of open data+Image
blog Fashion Transparency Index Fashion Revolution Clean Clothes Campaign Fashion Checker

How a superhero acquires a superpower is often down to fate. However, many civil society organizations (that may not know it) are in a position to gift a superpower to their data by making it open.

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Today, Wikirate is celebrating its public launch after a successful beta phase. The open data platform is ready for you to navigate and collaborate on.

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Wikirate has proven an invaluable partner for our Fashion Checker campaign. The platform's sophisticated functionalities and open data approach has given us the flexibility we needed to bring our data to the public so that it can be used by advocates to create real change.

Endorsement by Anne Bienias, CCC+Image
Anne Bienias Living Wage Coordinator, Clean Clothes Campaign

Wikirate empowers MANA-VOX to elevate environmental activists' voices and accelerate the resolution of environmental controversies by making crucial information more accessible to decision-makers.

Endorsement by MANA Community+Image
Kiti Mignotte Founder of MANA Community

Using the Wikirate platform to host FTI research has made our work more accessible and impactful across a range of stakeholders who use our data to enable their activism and research.

Endorsement by Fashion Revolution+Image
Liv Simpliciano Policy & Research Manager, Fashion Revolution

Wikirate provides the opportunity for students to get a real-life experience with CSR, which helps develop their social awareness, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Endorsement by Dr. Stephanie Perkiss University of Wollongong+Image
Dr. Stephanie Perkiss Associate Professor at University of Wollongong, Australia

We've worked with Wikirate since 2016 to scale our research on modern slavery. The Wikirate team maintains our methodology on their platform and each year coordinates hundreds of university students to contribute new data for analysis that we use to improve legislation to end modern slavery.

Endorsement by Katharine Bryant Walk Free+Image
Katharine Bryant Head of Policy and Programs at Walk Free

This collaborative project was a great opportunity to further develop our research skills which in turn allowed us to be more critical and analytical of fashion labels. Working with WikiRate made us understand the importance of finding the right and accurate information that backs up or contradicts the image that a fashion label is trying to portray.

Endorsement by Student of AMD Berlin+Image
Student of AMD Berlin

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